Saturday, 17 September 2011

Growing season nearly over - reflections

I've had quite some time to mellow out and De-stress myself.
I gave up my job to help my wife with her business looking after children. Some days can be quite stressful and I do wonder if it was the best choice.
Then I remember everyday was stressful helping people with computers, I sort of understand the need people have for their computer and for some it can be like severing an arm if they break.
I was once like that myself - many a time I had spent most of the night working on my PC unable to bear the thought of it still being broke in the morning.
Things have changed so much for me, I can honestly say I don't like computers anymore. In fact I'd go as far as most technology.
Don't get me wrong tech has its uses, without my computer I couldn't write my blog, or my digital camera I wouldn't be able to keep a record of my garden and my ps3 - watching blue rays whilst I drink beer :)
I found gardening by accident, not a match made in heaven - plants that take time (a lot of time) to grow and need to be looked after - then there's me, someone who needs everything yesterday and gets bored very easily.
I still don't know why I love gardening so much, but things have evolved so much from getting my first plastic greenhouse - measuring 4ft x 2ft, I now have 108 square ft under glass (its all polycarbonate but glass sounds more professional).
When I think, Do I still have the same passion for gardening? the answer has to be yes! more so than ever, my impatience is still there - again more so than ever! but I kind of micro manage it. All my little projects reward me daily with something new.
As for growing season over - It should be but again my much hated tech should see the end of seasons all together (these plans to be revealed later).
Has this season been a success? All those who know me would definitely say yes. but for me its a huge resounding no.
My goal of self sufficiency fell well short of the mark. So far in total perhaps
30 cucumbers, 1kg assorted peppers, 10 marrows, 5 courgettes, 3lb of strawberries and 10kg of tomatoes.
Herbs - coriander, 3 types of parsley, chives, sage, rosemary, 5 types of basil, 3 types of mint, dill, chervil, Tarragon and oregano.
Out of all this we have bought fresh herbs a couple of times from the supermarket and salad leaves perhaps once a week.
The two mains reasons why so bad - 1 the English summer (a Thursday this year) and 2 my constant over watering.
Next years goals - water less and total self sufficiency.

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